Formuler Z10/Z8/Alpha portal setup (also for older models, Z7+ etc)

Please use this tutorial to set-up IPTV on your Formuler device.

  1. Make sure you activated your MAC ID, otherwise you will get CODE 7 BLOCKED error. (Buy here)
  2. Open MYTVOnline-App (installed by default)
  3. Go to Portals
  4. Add the portal you got from us
  5. Leave username and password empty
  6. Connect
  7. :warning: Make sure to download codecs with OK when prompted.
  8. Device will restart automatically within 2 min. If not, reboot manually.

Skipping codecs download (step no. 7) may result in black screens on channels.

:bulb: You can also add M3U, instead of Portals, select Playlists and add the M3U URL instead. You can short your URL with TinyURL.

Video Tutorial