How-to pay with Bitcoin (BTC) or cryptocurrency

Pay with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a safe method to pay and not that hard at all. You basically can buy bitcoin with any payment method (PayPal, creditcard etc) and sent it to your personal wallet. From your personal wallet you make the payment to us.

Easy Option 1: Pay with Bitcoin – using Coinbase

Coinbase is a wallet and exchange. You can buy Bitcoin and it has a wallet included. You can send to us from Coinbase.

To start, download the Coinbase app on your mobile phone or access

  1. Create a Coinbase account
  2. Buy Bitcoin using coinbase (usually a little more then needed)
  3. See the available payment options for your country
  4. Wait till you get the BTC you purchased deposited in your account (wallet).
  5. Use the Coinbase app to scan QR-CODE or copy the address you see when checking out with us and send the required amount manually.

Advanced Option 2: Pay with Bitcoin – using BitPay

  1. Get BitPay app on your smartphone.
  2. Get your BTC receiving address from the wallet app.
  3. Google ‘buy bitcoin’ to find websites to buy Bitcoin in your region :world_map:
  4. When buying Bitcoins, have the merchant send the BTC to your wallet receiving address from step 2.
  5. Order your service with us and scan the QR-code with the BitPay Wallet App