Questions about green subscription


I have a couple questions about the green service. It mentions, 1,3 and 5 devices on the one subscription. I have 5 device that I use. How would I set up the 5 devices? Are they all via mac or, do you use an app for multiple tvs? Are all 5 devices covered under the one Green subscription? Is there an android app that you recommend?
I would like to purchase a subscription if it supports multiple tvs

Thank you in advance

You would need a M3U account. You can use that anywhere, it’s not linked to a particular device.

It really depends on the device, but TiviMate is good for Android boxes. GSE IPTV works good for Android devices like phones and tablets.

Thanx Dexter.
Do you know anything about the " 1, 3 and 5 devices" mentioned on the green subscription? It mentions these number of devices on the info prior to checkout. But when you go to the check out for green, there is no mention of number of sumultaneous devices.

Thank you

I will have to look into this and let you know.

Thanx Dexter, I appreciate all the help

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I requested to add these packages to the billing panel. The admin will add the packages very soon, then I will update you in this topic.