Smart TV: Samsung/LG Alternatives

What if your TV doesn’t offer Smart IPTV/ app?

LG and Samsung app stores have a new app - “nanomid player” - Well worth a look for those who have been having problems with SIPTV or those new to IPTV setting up a Smart TV for the first time- Setup is very straightforward - There is a14 day free trial - All settings are manageable from the easy to use web interface

Nanomid for info; support etc.
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Duplex IPTV

Second is Duplex IPTV player
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Just as easy to setup and use - this will probably win because it is 100% free - For me playback is maybe not as crisp as some players - Pluses are price; It works on Android; You dont even need to give your clients anything other than download instructions for the app - You can add playlist for them