Starting with IPTV

:tv: Starting with IPTV

:rotating_light: Just a quick warning, even though IPTV is pretty stable at the moment, it’s not always stable and channels can be offline. We do not advice to replace cable for IPTV, or make sure you have some backup providers.

This guide is perfect if you never heard about IPTV and want to get started.

You can test IPTV services before you buy them, tests are here for multiple reasons:

  • You can check the channel list and content
  • You can test important channels
  • Test your device/setup - does it work?

:recycle: You can check uptime stats for each service through this topic.

:rocket: How to get ready for a test?

Using an IPTV app (M3U)

As a new IPTV user you probably don’t own a MAG receiver (IPTV OTT device, like Formuler Z8, BuzzTV or MAG/Infomir) you will test using a normal M3U account. M3U links explained for beginners. You can use this type account with any IPTV app.

:bulb: Browse our #tutorials to find any suited app for your device. Or quickly jump to M3U related articles: #m3u

Using a MAG device

If you own a IPTV receiver - you can order a MAG account. This works the following way: your MAC device gets activated on, for example iptvserver.demo and you will setup your portal to connect with that same server: iptvserver.demo. No worries, we have #tutorials for all common devices.

You can find any device on your local markets using Google. Check our recommended device topic for the best IPTV devices in 2020/2021.