TiviMate IPTV setup for Android Box

TiviMate Setup:

  1. Install TiviMate from Google Playstore

  2. Open TiviMate and “Add Playlist”

  3. Choose " xtream-codes login" and click “next”

  4. Use your xtream credentials and keep " include VOD " checked if you wish to have VOD included. Your xtream credentials is included in your m3u line.
    (1) Server address: http://xx.xxxx.xxxx/get.php?username=abc&password=123&type=m3u_plus&output=ts (the url marked in grey is your server address) Ask your reseller for your server address or simply delete everything after “/get.php…” in your m3u line.
    (2) Username: Get your username from your m3u line
    (3) Password: Get your password from your m3u line