Why should you pay your reseller in Bitcoin?

Most providers accept Bitcoin today, but why should you pay with Bitcoin? Some have never heard of it. Let me give you some reasons why to pay a provider in Bitcoin.

Support your provider.
The main reason is because it helps your provider stay in the dark. These days payment gateways are smarter and quickly find out if IPTV subscriptions are being sold. PayPal blocks providers very easily, because of the claims people file for chargebacks. It’s a pain for providers. If you want to help your provider to be there on the long run. Pay in Bitcoin because they can accept it without any third company interfering.

It’s really fast if you use your phone and have some bitcoins in your wallet. It’s as quick as scanning a QR code and pressing send.

It’s safe, you and your provider stay anonymous.

What are your reasons to pay (or don’t pay) in Bitcoin? Why would you not want it? Tell us! We might be able to help you here.